The difference between a boneless wiper and frame wiper


Today, let's talk about whether it is better to change the wiper of the new car to a bone wiper or a boneless wiper. What is the difference between the two, and what is the use of each?

Let ’s take a look, the boneless wiper is like this, the boneless wiper has only a point of support in the middle. The boneless wiper has only a long, smooth arc.

This is a bone wiper, and a bone wiper has multiple support points to support the wiper, and the support points are evenly distributed.

Next we look at the advantages and disadvantages of boneless wipers and boned wipers.

What are the advantages of boneless wipers?

Advantages of boneless wipers:

1. Easy installation

2. Low noise

Disadvantages: high cost and expensive

The advantages of bone wipers: 1. The wiper blades are supported by each skeleton, making the wiper force more uniform.

2. It is easier to brush off the rain due to the skeleton support

3. Easier cleaning of large objects

4.Low cost of use

Disadvantages: Noisy, small impurities are not easy to remove.

At present, many domestic cars and urban SUVs basically use boneless wipers. Because boneless wipers are easier to replace and more suitable for urban use, they can quickly clean up rainwater. At the same time, boneless wipers cause only one point of force, which The wiper works much lighter, so it can reduce the working pressure of the wiper motor. Another reason is that boneless wipers are not so easy to break and are more acceptable to consumers.

Secondly, since urban cars or urban SUVs are traveling on urban roads, especially when driving at high speeds, the wind resistance coefficient of boneless wipers is much smaller. Using boneless wipers during high speed driving will be much quieter and will hardly occur. Hear the sound of wipers.

The opposite is the case with bone wipers. Because there are many skeletons and they take up a lot of space, during the high-speed driving, there will be obvious sounds when the bone wipers fluctuate, and when it rains, the scraping is not so clean, because As long as there is no frame support, the force will drop, and the place with the skeleton will be heavier, so it will be cleaner, and the place with a large force may be rubbed with the glass because the force is too large. And make a noise.

So why do bone wipers actually have less advantages than boneless wipers? Why do many people still like to use bone wipers? Especially used on some SUVs.

From this picture, we can see that there are some SUVs that often run some rural routes, especially some muddy routes, or where there are many leaves below, bone wipers will play a great role at this time. If this When using a boneless wiper, there is a lot of mud that can't be wiped off at all, and a bone wiper can be easily scraped off and it is very clean. Secondly, the replacement cost of the bone wiper is lower. As long as it is unclear, it is necessary to replace the new wiper.