Do you worry about the wipers and glass freezing together when it snows in winter?


When it snows in winter, you worry about the wipers and glass freezing together, and you may worry about damaging the rubber strips on the wipers.
Standing the slender wiper is very unstable in itself, and it is easy to break the wiper when it encounters a wind. The most important thing is that when the snow on the wiper melts, the dripping water droplets can easily be re-frozen into a moraine ice cone, which will also damage the wiper itself.
As for the correct reason, I am worried that the wiper and glass will freeze, and the wiper will be frozen. Whether it is later heated and melted, or if you directly hold it with your hands, it will damage the rubber strip. The contact surface will leave small cracks and breakage. This will cause unclean wipes when used later. After the wiper wipes, water stains will be left on the glass.
Is there any other way?
In fact, the best way is that you should pad something between the wiper and the glass before it snows. It is more suitable to break the newspaper or rag.
In addition, there are some important points about car wipers after snowing, that is, do not use a wiper to sweep snow at any time. According to the name, the "wiper" itself is used in the rain, and it needs rain lubrication when working. If it snows, the snow will be very heavy. Wiping the snow with a wiper will easily damage the wiper motor and the drive belt chain.
The correct way to remove snow from the front windshield is to remove the snow with a rag or a brush. Be careful to sweep the snow from the glass with a clean tool like car washing, so as not to leave the sand scratching the car paint.
After the snow is almost clean, if the glass is heated, you can clean the front and rear glass and the rearview mirror. At this time, it is recommended to wipe off the water stains, otherwise the ice will freeze the next night, which is even more difficult to handle.
Note that in winter, try not to use the glass water spray function, otherwise the probability of the water pipe being frozen is very high.