How to choose a car wiper blade?
  1. Check the size: find a suitable size that matches your car, too long or too short is not available for your car.

  2. Check the surface: find the right connector or adapter for the car wiper, if it can't match the wiper arm, which can't install on the car.

  3. Check the quality: check the elasticity of the rubber refill. The elasticity of car wiper blades determines the effect of rain.

How to keep the car wiper working?

Don't use wipers on Muddy and dirty windshields.

Park your car inside.

Change wipers 2 times per year.

What's the matter with the noise of the wiper brushing windshield, and how to solve it?

The noise of the wiper is generally caused by the aging and the wiper refill itself out of shape, or caused by the presence of foreign objects between the wiper and windshield.

To change the new car wiper blade.

To clean the windshield as soon as possible

How long can it be shipped?

According to your order quantity, it will be ready 15-35 days.

Which markets are your products offer to?

To Italy, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Canada, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Iran, Dubai etc.

Market share: 40% in Europe /25% in Asia/10% in North America/10% in South America/10% in South East Asia/5% in the Middle East.

How ofter to change the wipers?

After using 6-12 months, the wipers will start to appear unclean, with abnormal noises, which implies that you need to replace the wipers in time.

Which kind of car wiper is best for the car?

BOSOKO car wiper is according to the car factory information to design the wiper, use good quality material, our wiper can be available for 99% of car models, choose the suitable connector that match your car, and it will work very well. Choose Bosoko flat beam wiper blades, front hybrid wiper blades, wholesale frame wiper blades, front snow wiper blades, front exclusive wiper blades, and rear wiper blades.

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